Collaboration with ITESM ("el Tec")

Interested in getting experience working as part of a distributed team?

Are you interested in the culture, language, or social causes of Mexico and the Mexican people, including Mexican-American immigrants?

A small group of advanced students from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey ("el Tec"), arguably the strongest engineering school in the Spanish-speaking world and one of the top 100 universities worldwide, will be taking a Software Engineering course at Tec that uses our book and materials, and are interested in working collaboratively as part of a UCB/ITESM hybrid project team.  The students are instructed by Prof. Juan Carlos Lavariegawho spent some time at Berkeley as a visiting professor last year, where he and Prof. Fox met and conceived of this collaboration.

As with all projects, you'll work with external customers, meet with your local TAs here, and so on; but the team itself will be distributed. We will seek opportunities and support for the teams to meet in person after the semester is over.

If you're interested:
  1. Join the Google group
  2. As part of the team formation phase, reach out directly to the Tec students (they're all fluent in English!) on this page to form up teams and select a client (some client ideas are already on the page, or the Tec students may choose to work with you for one of the US-based clients).

This is a unique opportunity to get experience working in a bicultural distributed team.  The ideal team will be 50% Berkeley, 50% Tec students.

Contact Prof. Fox if you have questions about this!