Fall 2017 Enrollment

TL;DR: You need a group of 3 to enroll.

Project teams will be composed of exactly 6 students. There are substantive pedagogical as well as logistical reasons for this which will be covered during the course, but teams are six people. Please do not ask for exceptions.

As well, for logistical reasons, it's important that all members of a team be in the same section. Section attendance is required and you will be held to the specific section in which you're enrolled. Note that CS169 is an "early drop" class, which means students enrolled in CS169 will be unable to drop the class after the end of week 2 of classes (e.g., September 1 in Fall 17).

To make all this work, you must enroll in groups of three. Each group of three will jointly indicate their preference for sections, and all three will be enrolled in the same section. Once the course begins, triples will pair-up to form teams of six. In general, do not expect to switch sections once classes start.

If you're not able to enroll in the course under these constraints, we understand, but we can't make exceptions to accommodate you. These changes are necessary to make the course logistics manageable. Note that CS169 is also sometimes offered over the summer in an 8-week format (same material, twice as much work per week).


  • Do the requirements above that say "No exceptions" really mean "No exceptions"?

    Yes. We are imposing these requirements because of 4 years of experience dealing with team formation and team management, and based on substantial literature on what makes for an effective team learning experience. 

  • If not everyone in my "triple" is a declared EECS major, can we enroll in Phase 1?

    For Phase 1, your triple must consist only of people who are already declared, or will have declared by Sp17.  If they aren't declaring until summer or fall then it won't help to use phase 1. 

  • Can some team members be enrolled P/NP whereas others are enrolled for a letter grade?

    Yes, but remember the project gets graded on the team's effort, and saying "One person isn't pulling their weight because they are only P/NP" is not going to make a difference. You are assuming the risk that that P/NP team members may not perform to the same standards as letter-graded team members, and you understand that if this affects the project quality, the letter-graded team members will bear some of the brunt too.

  • We have 1 or 2 people but not 3.

    Here's a Piazza forum where you can find a third person, including guidelines for how to select them to get good team diversity, which research shows is a major predictor of team success. 
    Break into smaller groups so each subgroup is 3 or fewer; specify the same section preference order for the subgroups. With very high probability you'll end up in the same section and can reconstitute the team then. You may also want to email Cindy Conners (see below) after enrolling so she knows to put the subgroups into the same section.
  • We have 4 or more people.

    We understand. You need a multiple of 3 people.

  • I'd like my team of 3 to be joined with a specific other team of 3.

    If you end up in the same section, that will be no problem. If you don't, though, you should welcome the opportunity to learn to work with people you haven't worked with before; it is a vital skill in real life.

  • We submitted a team of three through enrollme yesterday and we're still not enrolled. Why not?

    During phase I and phase 2, teams will be enrolled intermittently (on average once/week or so). Please be patient.  Once phase 2 is over, team enrollment --assuming space is still available-- will happen more frequently.

  • What if our group of three is enrolled and then one of our team members drops the class?

    All three group members need to stay enrolled or remaining group members risk being dropped from the class.  There will be a way to indicate a desire to add specific students from the waitlist to your group to replace group members who drop.  

Ready to do this thing? Step 1: get a triple.

If you need help locating potential team members, click the "Find Teammates" pinned post on this Piazza forum.
Even if you have 3 people already, consider mixing it up by reading the "Tips for successful team formation" on the Piazza forum.

Step 2: add yourselves to the CS169 waitlist

Make sure you and your team (triple) are on the waitlist. Do not worry about your placement on the waitlist in Campus Solutions - the determining factor for getting into the class is driven by EnrollMe. 

Step 3: enroll your triple

Use the EnrollMe app to enroll your team. (EnrollMe was created by a previous CS169 cohort. Woo!)

If you have any trouble, please direct questions to An Ju, head GSI for F'17.