Summer 2017 Info


Carina Boo, Software Engineer at Google

GSIs & Tutors
GSI: HeZheng Yin

Lectures & Discussions

M-Th 7-8:30pm, 306 Soda

Discussion 101 (HeZheng)
Tu,Th 4-5pm, Dwinelle 183

Discussion 102 (An)
Tu,Th 5-6pm, Dwinelle 246

Course links

CS169 Google Drive (contains all the folders below):
Lecture Slides: Printable slides from lecture (6 slides per page, and 1 slide per page).
Lecture Examples / Demos: Photos of whiteboarding examples, and links to demo code.
Discussion Handouts: Slides and worksheets from discussion.

PiazzaAll course communication will be posted here. Enroll yourself.
EdX: Homework and lecture material will be posted here.
Syllabus: Tentative. Lecture slides are linked in the date column.


  • 10% homeworks
  • 10% in-lecture quizzes
    • 5% just for participation
    • 5% based on your quiz scores
    • approximately 1 every week during lecture
  • 35% midterm and final (split evenly)
  • 40% project
  • 5% participation and altruism
    • help on Piazza, ask questions& help in lecture/section 

Office Hours

Office hours are posted on our Google Calendar:


Syllabus ‎(Tentative)‎

Learning Resources

Tutorials for Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, testing frameworks etc can be found here: