Poster session

The poster session is an enjoyable, low-stakes event (translation: use it to bask in the glory of your project, since it's minimally graded) where you can show off what you did and learn what your colleagues did in their projects.

Who’s invited? EECS students & faculty, VCs, employers, customers. Refreshments are served.

How should your team prepare?
  • practice a short pitch you can give in ~60 seconds. (Demo optional: the poster session setup may make demos awkward, but if you want to bring a laptop, tablet, etc. to show off your app, please do!) 
  • make sure anyone on the team can give pitch (have 2 people at a time at poster) 
  • be prepared to answer questions about the project 
  • affect a professional appearance. "Business casual" is more than fine, but please don't wear something you wouldn't wear to an informal interview.
What will teams be graded on?
  • Are you all present (modulo excused absences pre-approved by course staff)?
  • Do you have a poster that at least tries to follow our guidelines for effective technical poster communication?  (See the lecture segment "How to Make a Bad Poster" for humorous anti-advice.)
How do we print our poster?  We will announce a deadline date several days before the poster session by which you can submit a PDF file that we will print for you.  If you miss this deadline, you are responsible for printing your own poster (typically costs $20-25 at Kinko's or similar, and they do not usually do same-day turnaround, so don't leave this til the last minute.)

See examples of previous projects’ posters here