Final checkpoint

The goal of this checkpoint is to ensure your project can be handed off to a future team for enhancements and maintenance.

Each project will be "checked off" for this deliverable by the same project team with whom they did the Design Review assignment, which we'll call the "visiting team" again.

The visiting team will:
  • Clone the home team's repo, and ensure that bundle install and rake db:setup  run successfully
  • Ensure rails server starts the app successfully
  • Ensure rake cucumber and rake spec do not give errors
  • If any additional special setup steps are required to make the above work, ensure those are documented in the home team's project wiki (part of the repo)
Deliverable 1 (visiting team): Report to the home team in a timely manner any problems in getting the above steps to work. Email them this feedback and Cc your GSI at least 5 days before the final deliverable deadline.
Deliverable 2 (visiting team): By the final deliverable deadline, email home team and Cc your GSI either confirming that all works well, or documenting outstanding problems that haven't been addressed despite your contacting the home team in Deliverable 1.