Fall 2016 Enrollment


Read and follow these instructions carefully. If you submit the form without following these instructions, you are guaranteed NOT to be enrolled in CS169. We simply do not have the resources to track down people who cannot follow instructions and follow up with them, so:


This is new: enrollment in Fall 2016 will be by teams.

  • You must enroll as a team. A team consists of 5 or 6 students who will work on the project together—no more, no fewer, no exceptions.

  • All team members must sign up for the same discussion section, and will not be allowed to switch around after. (Discussion attendance is required & graded.)  No exceptions.

  • If any team members later un-enroll/drop, the remaining team members must either find a way to reconstitute a team of 5 or 6, or they must also drop.

  • The drop deadline will be at the end of the third week of classes, and enforced by the online registration system.

  • Many lecture slots will be used for non-lecture activities, so lecture attendance is required. Previous years' lectures are available online if you miss one or two, but if you have a systematic conflict, it won't work, and we will not be able to schedule make-up sessions for in-lecture quizzes or other activities that you miss.

  • This enrollment process replaces the enrollment priorities normally used for other CS upper division courses, but  all members of your team will still be expected to be declared LSCS or EECS majors at least during phase 1 or phase 2 of Telebears.
If you're not able to enroll in the course under these constraints, we understand, but we can't make exceptions to accommodate you. These changes are necessary to make the course logistics manageable while serving as many students as possible.

FAQ regarding team-based enrollment process

  • Do the requirements above that say "No exceptions" really mean "No exceptions"?
    Yes. We are imposing these requirements because of 4 years of experience dealing with problems related to team formation and team management. Therefore we will not make exceptions, and personal emails to the instructor asking for an exception may simply go unanswered.
  • If I don't have my team together in time for Phase 1, can I enroll in Phase 2?
    You can try. Historically demand for the course is high, so we can't guarantee it will still be available in phase 2.
  • Can some team members be enrolled P/NP whereas others are enrolled for a letter grade?
    We advise against it. The project gets graded on the team's effort, and saying "One person isn't pulling their weight because they are only P/NP" is not going to make a difference. In other words, you can do this, but you are assuming the risk that that P/NP team members may not perform to the same standards as letter-graded team members, and you understand that if this affects the project quality, the letter-graded team members will bear some of the brunt too.
  • What if some people on my team are not EECS or CS declared majors?
    Nonmajors must wait until after Phase 2 (as with other upper divs), so if a team includes some nonmajors, it cannot use this form until after phase 2.
  • Can I/we add additional people to our team once class begins (i.e. to add someone who cannot enroll with us at this time but is able to enroll later)?
    Yes, but: (a) your team size can never exceed 6 people, and (b) anyone who joins later must attend the same section that the rest of the team is already attending. No exceptions.

Step 1: get your team together

If you need help locating potential team members, click the "Find Teammates" pinned post on this Piazza forum. 

Step 2: add all members of team to waitlist, and then submit the form below

Note: you must be logged in to Google with UC Berkeley credentials (@berkeley.edu address) to see and submit the team enrollment form. If you're not logged in, login now, then reload this page.

If you fill out the form and any members of your team are not on the waitlist already, or if you submit the form before Phase 2 and some people on your team are not declared majors, then none of you will be enrolled.

CS169 Fall 2016 team enrollment