Fall 2017 Info

Staff & Office Hours

Prof. Armando Fox, fox@berkeley.edu, O/H TBD

GSIs & Tutors (O/H TBD)
Email link
Head GSI: An Ju  GSI: Ben Mehne  GSI: Avi Dixit  UGSI: Adnan Hemani UGSI: Steven Wu 
 O/H times & locations [O/H times & locations]

 @an-ju   @adnanhemani 

Lectures & Discussions
Tu & Th 6:30-8:00pm, 245 Li Ka Shing

Wednesday Discussion Sections (GSI assignments coming soon):
101: 10 am, Etcheverry 3105
102: 11 am, Etcheverry 3105
103: 11am, Latimer 102
104:   3pm, Hearst Gym 42
105:   3pm, Dwinelle 79
106:   4pm, Dwinelle 105

Textbook and Syllabus

"ESaaS": Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing, First Edition by Armando Fox and David Patterson. Be sure you get the First Edition, version 1.2.1 or later, released May 2016. Earlier editions are missing some sections, have different chapter numbering, and contain outdated code examples that may not work with the latest versions of Ruby and Rails. 

Syllabus: link coming soon.

Important Policies (Waitlist, Attendance, Drop date…)

  • Lecture attendance is required and will be noted. Video and screencast of lectures will be available on bCourses 3-4 days after each live lecture. There will be occasional micro-quizzes in lecture which will count for around 10% of the total grade. Also, the two midterms will happen during the lecture slot. If you have a systematic conflict, it won't work out.
  • This is an early-drop class. The deadline to drop is the end of Week 2. This is to prevent churn after teams are formed.
  • You must enroll as a team. After you add yourself to the waitlist in CalCentral (your waitlist# doesn't matter), form up your team of 6, and go to EnrollMe to enroll the entire team into a single section. All members of a given team must be in the same GSI section and must regularly attend that section.
  • Concurrent Enrollment students: You may enroll if there is space available, provided that (a) you expect to be able to attend lecture and section, and (b) you enroll as a team, i.e. you have the same enrollment conditions as anyone else. (The EECS Dept. may have some priority-based scheme for CE vs EECS/L&S CS students, but if so I don't control that.)

Links & Course Resources

PiazzaAll course communication will be posted here. Enroll yourself.

EdX: Make sure you have an account on edge.edx.org whose email matches the email you use for bCourses. We use the bCourses enrollment email list to automatically enroll you in this SPOC. In the SPOC you will find:
  • Previous lecture videos (Fall 16), which you can use for reference or as a substitute for the reading. (These will be selectively replaced with Fall '17 videos after this semester.)
  • Homework submission pages where you upload homework assignments to the autograder. This is the only way to submit homeworks.
  • Additional resources, links, self-check questions, and other bonus materials you may find helpful or interesting.

Tutorials for Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, testing frameworks etc can be found here: